These two dogs are traveling the world and have pictures to prove it.

When it comes to bringing a pet with us during our travels, who really gets the best deal? The pet, hands down. I mean, seriously, just think about it. Paid flights... delicious food that they don't have to prepare... great views... and oh goodness, for the dogs... the scents! It's like heaven to most dogs! 

Meet two dogs that are traveling the world and living the life. They even have pictures to prove it. 

1. Say hello to Miami

This fearless Italian pup often treks back to his home country for the scenic views.

Because let's be honest, even humans want these kind of pictures.

Miami has even made it to Santorini! Judging by his cheesy grin, even he knows how lucky he is.

As if seeing the city from above wasn't enough, Miami took it to the water to get an outside view of Santorini.

For every 1 step his human takes, Miami takes at least 10. Tired from his relentless shopping during fashion week, Miami gets carried through the shops of Milan.

Please don't disturb him. Miami is in Key West dreaming of bones and squeaky toys.

2. Let's not forget about Alaska

Don't let his name fool you. Alaska is not from Alaska. In fact, he's from Canada! But here he is in Alaska (go figure) trying to stay warm and not think about the fact that he doesn't have access to a bathroom.

Alaska is happy to be in California, where bathrooms and warmth are much more reliable than his last stop in Alaska. Bring on the summer tan, please!

On the road again! Alaska's wondering if anyone wants to hitchhike with him and his cool family.

Wait! Stop the car! It's time to play fetch. Just for a little bit, okay? According to Alaska, Vancouver is the perfect place for fetch.

You'd be parched, too, if you made it all the way from Canada to Mexico. Alaska is enjoying some fresh coconut juice, which he heard is amazing for his coat. 

Who's your favorite?

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