How You Can Earn a $5,000 Travel Credit Towards The Remote Experience

"What goes around comes around."

This old proverb is a simple explanation for the law of cause and effect. Good or bad, karma always comes back around. 

If I were to tell you that simply being a good friend and samaritan could reward you with up to $5,000 towards a trip with The Remote Experience, would you believe me? Probably not, but it's actually the truth.

The Remote Experience is partnering with Recruiting for Good to help interested applicants fund their trip. Recruiting for Good, founded in 1998 by Carlos Cymerman, is a cause-based staffing company who's mission is to connect people with the world. 

To qualify, you must be a current U.S. resident that has already paid your deposit for The Remote Experience and are traveling on a program within the next 6-12 months. If you are unable to secure your deposit, you can also qualify by providing Carlos with proof of at least 10 hours of community service within the last year. After qualifying, earning the reward is easy: 

Refer a Friend

  1. Find a friend who has a minimum of 3 years of paid professional experience in the field of IT (network, software development, and architecture) or engineering (software and mechanical). 


    Find a friend that works as an HR or hiring professional who is interested in filling a position with a recruiting fee.
  2. Introduce them to Carlos via email or phone:
    • Email:
    • Phone: 310-720-8324
  3. If your friend is hired for a job or your friend's position is filled, you will receive Recruiting for Good's finder's fee reward of $5,000. This reward can be credited towards any trip with The Remote Experience. You are able to receive a reward for each successful referral with no limit.  

If the idea of making a difference in the world resonates with you, then Carlos' travel funding service is definitely a fit for you. Carlos' main goal is to offer is a travel funding service for people that are eager to participate in travel programs and see the world for good.  Even if you decide that embarking on a trip is not viable at this time, you can gift your reward to a friend or family member that is interested and help them embrace new surroundings. 

Who knew being a good person could have so many benefits? As Robert Kennedy once said, "You're the happiest while you're making the greatest contribution." 

Recruiting for Good is offering a $5,000 travel credit towards The Remote Experience for each successful referral.
How you can earn a $5,000 travel credit towards The Remote Experience.