Presence Management Consulting, Owner/Consultant

What motivated you to join The Remote Experience?

I love to travel, experience new people, places and cultures.

Did you work remotely prior to joining The Remote Experience? 

Yes, I chose the work I do for the freedom and flexibility it provides. 

What do you expect to be the biggest hurdle during your trip? 

Language barriers with the locals.

Where were you based out of prior to starting this trip?

I currently reside in the Richmond, VA moving there from San Diego, CA, prior to that Columbus, Ohio, and was born and raised in Texas

Biggest thing you hope to learn during the four months?

Learn more about different cultures and ways to continue to bring people together and make the world a smaller place with technology.

Country you are most excited to visit?

Equally excited to visit both Italy and Spain. 

Food you’ll miss the most from back home?

Not sure that I will miss any food items from back home with so many new choices while on the adventure

Top three travel essentials?

Passport, Power Adapters and Compression socks (International flights only)