Jacquie Aiche, Visuals Director
FOUR Magazine, Creative Director

What motivated you to join The Remote Experience?

I was starting to feel a longing for something I couldn’t explain and needed a way to shake up my work life and get a creative jolt. Long term travel had been a daydream of mine forever and when I stumbled across TRE everything started to fall into place... 

Did you work remotely prior to joining The Remote Experience? 

Yes, but never full-time so this will be a new experience to me in that way. 

If not, how did you alter your tasks to accommodate a remote lifestyle?

Fortunately my team is very supportive and all of my work is done digitally so aside from my physical presence no longer being around it won’t be difficult for me to continue my work quite seamlessly. 

What do you expect to be the biggest hurdle during your trip? 

I think it will be deciding what my schedule is going to look like. With this new flexibility I’m curious to see what my new work/life balance becomes.  

Where were you based out of prior to starting this trip?

Los Angeles (via North Carolina)

Country you are most excited to visit?

Barcelona for sure. When I visited a few years ago I immediately felt like I could live there so it's pretty amazing that I’m getting that opportunity now. Prague is a close second, because I have no idea what to expect and have only heard great things.

Food you’ll miss the most from back home?

Acai Bowls!! but maybe I’ll get lucky and won’t have to do without them :)

Top three travel essentials?

My iphone, a couple great books, and a killer pair of sunglasses.


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