How to be productive while working remotely

One of the hardest things about working remotely is having the self discipline to actually work. It's easy to get distracted by mundane tasks and lose focus on what actually needs to get done. Here are some techniques to increase your productivity while working remotely.

1. Have a dedicated work environment

It might be your dining room table that never gets used, the corner of the coffee shop, or that specific desk at your local co-working spot. Regardless, have an area that you associate with strictly work. Keep this area free of distractions and make sure that most time spent at this location is time spent working. This is similar to the idea of only laying in bed when you want to sleep- by having a dedicated workspace, you are training your mind to associate this area with productivity and work.

2. Write down a to-do list

When you sit down at your dedicated workspace, create a to-do list of work that needs to be completed during the day. This list will give you a clear set of goals. Some tips for this to-do list:

  • If you have larger tasks, split them into smaller tasks that can be completely individually. 
  • Organize these tasks based on priority
  • Responding to emails or messages should be a task on their own
  • Any social media involvement, if your job requires it, should also be written down as a task 
  • Taking breaks is necessary if you want to keep your attention focused and work efficient. For this reason, don't forget to write down the non-work related tasks that need to be finished that day, too.

3. Time batching

Time batching is method of splitting your work into intervals with short breaks in between. It's designed to reduce distractions and increase productivity.

For this, take the to-do list you created earlier and work on the highest priority task first. After this is completed, take a 5 minute break before starting the next highest level priority task. Every couple of hours, take an extended 20-25 minute break. You can use this time to complete any non-work tasks, like doing your laundry, or just take a mental breather. 

How do you stay productive while working remotely?

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