Meet our Nomads: Catherine Gruntman


Freelance Graphic Designer


What motivated you to join The Remote Experience?

A desire for a change in scenery was my motivation. I try to take advantage of the freedom and flexibility of my job by taking extended trips to places where I can work and explore. This program offered just that and more! Even though I do enjoy the travel planning process, it's nice to just show up and have an apartment and coworking space ready and waiting for me in a new city each month. I'm used to traveling solo so It's also nice to know I'm traveling with a group of people who are pretty much up for anything at any given moment.

Did you work remotely prior to joining The Remote Experience? 

I've been working remotely for several years. This isn't the first time I've left my home office for an office overseas! 

Where were you based out of prior to starting this trip?

Chicago, Illinois has been home for the past two years.

Country you are most excited to visit?

I'm most excited to see the differences between the four European countries we are visiting. I've never been to Croatia or the Czech Republic so I'm curious to learn how they're similar and/or different from one another.

Top three travel essentials?

Mini Bluetooth speaker, clothesline, flat coffee filter holder so I can make my own coffee every morning!

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