Digital Nomad Guide to Southeast Asia: Discovering Ubud



This is Part 2 of our Digital Nomad Guide to Southeast Asia. If you aren't caught up, check out our past posts:

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You can follow our guide for Ubud in this post or check out the full e-book linked at the end of this article.


Ubud has two great coworking spaces, Hubud and Outpost. Hubud is more central, making it the more crowded workspace of the two. Internet there is great and the community is awesome. They love their events so if you are looking for a very active place to work, Hubud is for you. The space is mostly open which gives it a great vibe, but if you are looking for an air conditioned room there is only one. This room is generally rather full. To work at Hubud, expect to pay around $275 for the unlimited plan.

The second coworking space in Ubud is Outpost. Outpost opened only few months ago so they are still raising the number of their members. Given that they are still new and don’t have too many members, it is much quieter at Outpost than it is in Hubud. I was able to work more productively at this office since I work better in quieter environments.

They have plenty of air conditioned and non air conditioned spaces to choose from. Plus, Outpost members have access to some resort facilities right next door like swimming pools and such. I did not see many people taking use of them when I was there but it is nice to know that you have the option. With Outpost, the unlimited rate per month is currently $200.

Both management teams for Hubud and Outpost are awesome and they are both very capable coworking spaces. I think it will all come down to what you are looking for in your office space. If you are looking for a more social event based experience then Hubud will probably be a better fit. If you are looking for a space where you can find more quite spaces slightly outside of the city center, then Outpost is for you.


If you are planning to stay in Ubud for less than a month, then you are probably booking a homestay somewhere close to the center of town. By doing that you will have Hubud right by you.

If you are staying for longer, you are probably signing up for a villa somewhere outside the center of town. This makes it easier to find accommodation close to Outpost.

Prices for accommodation vary depending on the amenities, location, and lease length, as you would expect.


Ubud is cheap! Some people say it is more expensive in Canggu however I did not notice that at all. I spent the same amount of money in both locations. I think you can live well on $10-20 per day if you eat out for all three meals. You can live for cheaper than that if you cook at home and you are cognizant of about saving money.


Ubud’s Digital Nomad culture is amazing. There are plenty of foreigners that call Ubud home and have been there for years now. They all came there thinking they will spend a month or two then ended up staying there for a long time.

You will find the Ubud crowd is a lot more spiritual than anywhere else in this guide. Yoga is a common practice and raw foods and healthy vegan restaurants are everywhere.


Ubud’s location in the middle of the island makes it close to pretty much everything you want to see in Bali. There are plenty of fun adventures within 30 minutes from Ubud. Some of the most famous adventures are the rafting trips, and riding and bathing with elephants, and visiting the active volcano, Mount Batu.

There is also a very cool forest in the middle of Ubud called Monkey Forest. You can go there and see tourists getting robbed by very skilled monkeys. As long as you’re not that tourist that brings their expensive sunglasses, you will have a good laugh.