Four Winds Interactive, Senior Product Marketing Manager

What motivated you to join The Remote Experience?

I love traveling and have always wanted to live abroad. But that pesky work thing seems to always get in the way. When I discovered The Remote Experience, it seemed like the perfect combination – live abroad while continuing with my job, sign me up!

Did you work remotely prior to joining The Remote Experience? 

My job was already fully remote prior to leaving. I work from Chicago for my Denver-based company.

What do you expect to be the biggest hurdle during your trip? 

The time difference - I’ll be 8 hours ahead of my office. However, I’ll be working a slightly modified schedule, starting mid-afternoon to overlap with Denver as much as possible. Good thing Europe has delicious coffee for those late-night meetings.

Where were you based out of prior to starting this trip?

Chicago, Illinois

Country you are most excited to visit?

Italy – I fell in love with it on a trip last year and can’t wait to go back.

Food you’ll miss the most from back home?

Turkey sandwiches

Top three travel essentials?

Good sandals, my journal and a sense of humor

Website: https://eksploring.wordpress.com/

Instagram: @emilykollmyer