February 1, 2017-March 1,2017: TBD, Mexico

March 2-30, 2017: Medellin, Colombia

This booming urban development city has been on the growing side of tourism lists for the last twenty years. Home to beautiful mountains, warm weather, delicious food, and rich history, it makes the 'favorites' list of many long-term travelers. During your month here, sample the world's best coffee, discover the well known potato-soup, ajiaco, salsa dance with the locals at El Eslabon, and escape the sound of the city at a nearby pueblo.

April 1-30, 2017: Santiago, Chile

This modern metropolis is the biggest city in Chile. Known for it's savory beef churascos and pork lomitos, trying a chilean sandwich is an absolute must while here. Santiago is hugged by Valparíso to the west, a World Heritage Site famous for it's urban architecture. If you've seen enough of urban architecture and are keen for some nature, take a bus to head towards the Andes and Maipo valley.

April 31-May 29, 2017: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, also known as "the Paris of South america" is the eccentric capital of Argentina. It's almost completely flat and has a 130km network of bike lanes for transversing the area for the purpose of getting around. Chase down a milango to get a feel of the local tango culture. Hit up the San Telmo market to see a blend of culture and music. Or take a drive over to Tigre, the "undeveloped Venice" just 45 minutes away from Buenos Aires that is a picturesque canal-filled city..


Housing: A single, private bedroom in each country is booked and ready for you upon arrival. You will live in a 1-4 bedroom fully furnished apartment that has Wi-Fi. We want you to feel home away from home, so we won't place you in a hostel or dormitory. 

Flights and airport transfer: For participants joining all 4-months, we will book and cover all transportation. This includes flights to Latin America, from Latin America, and all flights between itinerary destinations.

Office space: You'll be given access to a local office space near your apartment with reliable Wi-Fi and available desk space. 

Local ambassador: A local ambassador will be available in each location to answer any destination specific questions or concerns. They'll also be there to show you the hidden gems of the city. 

Monthly dinners: Each month we get the whole crew together (formally, as it happens every day regardless) for a night of good food, good drinks, and good atmosphere.

Social events: Sit back, relax, and start mingling with locals and other community members.

Excursions: Ever imagined island hopping off the coast of Croatia? What about biking up the Italian Alps? We find out the coolest places to go near each city and take our community there on a monthly excursion. 

Insurance: We've done the research and have found the best medical and travel insurance for your trip abroad. With a $0 deductible and $500,000 maximum, our double medical and travel insurance plan offers lucrative benefits.  We'll book this insurance for you during your trip with us. 


Month to month

With our month-to-month plan, you can choose which months to join. This plan includes housing, office space, events, insurance, and a local ambassador. 


With our 4-month all-inclusive plan, you get all the benefits of our program as well as all flights included (roundtrip and flights between itinerary destinations). Not in the states? No problem! Talk to us about the travel credit that is included in this package.



$2,000 deposit