our experience

We're organizing the details of your 4 month workcation so that you and your community can immerse yourself in the local cultures and explore the unknown.


A single, private bedroom in each country is booked and ready for you upon arrival. Depending on your preferences and on availability, you will either be placed in a 1-4 bedroom furnished apartment or villa that has Wi-Fi. We want you to feel home away from home, so we won't place you in a hostel or dormitory. 


If you are a USA-based participant, we will cover the cost of your travel to and from the start and end locations from John F. Kennedy Airport, or Los Angeles Airport. If you are based outside of the USA or have reward miles earned, we will offer you a $500 discount in exchange for you booking your own flights to and from the first and last destinations. This discount will be applied to your down payment. 

For all participants, we will book and cover all transportation between the countries. 

Office Space

You'll be given access to a local office space near your apartment with 24 hours access to reliable Wi-Fi and available desk space. 

Travel and medical Insurance

Lost baggage? Medical emergency? Extreme sport accident? We'll provide you with top quality travel and medical insurance that covers you in case of unexpected emergencies.

Local Ambassador

A local ambassador will be available in each location to answer any destination specific questions or concerns. They'll also be there to show you the hidden gems of the city. 

Networking and social events

Sit back, relax, and start mingling with locals and other community members.

local excursions

We'll host two excursions in each city. These excursions will be based on what the community is interested in doing. Hiking? Sailing? Let us know and we'll do our best to make it happen. 


Join our community of remote professionals that all have at least one common interest: they LOVE to travel. Our applicants are a charming group of of techies, writers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and go-getters that aren't afraid to explore new areas and experience the world first-hand.


Questions? Email info@theremoteexperience.com
or visit our FAQs page