Join us on a remote working experience of a lifetime.

It's time to step out of your comfort zone. Hop borders, try new foods, and learn new perspectives with a group of remote workers just like you. Our community is made of marketers, business analysts, developers, designers, publishers, writers, life coaches, yoga instructors, brand strategists, etc. It's your chance to learn more about other careers, brainstorm innovative ideas, and discover a new way of thinking. 

A typical day...

8:00am: On the way to the office, you stop by the cafe two blocks over for a leisurely sit-down breakfast with coffee. You order your meal and find yourself saying "thank you" in the local language without even trying. 
9:00am: Settle down at the office. It's only a 5-15 minute walk away from your accommodation, so your walk wasn't too far. 
12:30pm: Check the WhatsApp group chat and see that the group is heading to a restaurant that's said to have the best local cuisine in town! You've been meaning to check it out so you pack up your stuff and head that way.
5:00pm: A quick decompress. You go back to your room after a day of work and drop off your belongings and decide what you want to do for the day. To go out or not go out...
6:00pm: Go out it is! After all, you are in a new country. You go on a solo adventure and decide to check out a nearby district - you've heard they have some really stellar art galleries.
8:00pm: The WhatsApp group has been buzzing the last few minutes. You see that a few people want to go for sushi. Sushi always wins you over - you text the group that you'll join them soon.
10:00pm: Today's been long. One of the guys texts you about a game night at his place with a few of the crew but you decide to go home and call it a night instead.

Central & South America

February 2017
Mexico City, Mexico
March 2017
Medellin, Colombia
April 2017
Santiago, Chile
May 2017
Buenos Aires, Argentina


June 2017
Porto, Portugal
July 2017
Valencia, Spain
August 2017
Prague, Czech Republic
September 2017
Split, Croatia

Southeast Asia

October 2017
Canggu, Indonesia
November 2017
December 2017
Chiang Mai, Thailand
January 2018