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Chiang Mai, Thailand


Some say that Chiang Mai is where the digital nomad movement initially started. You can be the judge of that. Here, you can hop into a red truck or a tuk-tuk and get dropped off at any destination you want. Or, start up your scooter and take a ride up the famous windy roads of Doi Inthanon mountain. Go on a road trip to the zen paradise of Pai. Eat some delicious street food. Eat more delicious street food. Head over to a sanctuary and marvel at how majestic and beautiful elephants really are. Decide you never want to leave Thailand. 

Away from the touristy chaos of Old City, we'll be staying in the popular, well-known district of Nimman. Private apartments in the same building for each of our participants. Just a short walk (and even shorter scooter ride) away from the office, restaurants, bars, clubs, and well-known working cafes. 


What's Included?



Your new home is a fully-furnished apartment or villa in your select city. It comes equipped with WiFi and all the necessities to make you feel home away from home. Don't worry about sharing a room with a stranger, as you'll always have your own private bedroom and will only ever be living with other participants (all in their own private quarters).


Local Ambassador

We hire a local ambassador in each city to be our go-to resource for all things local. They are bilingual at a minimum and understand the social and cultural norms. They're there to help us navigate the city, learn insider knowledge, and guide us to the best day and night life. 


Office Space

Why should anyone sacrifice their career to take a trip of a lifetime? We don't think anyone should. That's why each of our participants receives a full-time membership plan to a co-working office in each city. Late nights? Early mornings? You'll be able to access reliable WiFi to work. Before arriving in each city we make sure that the speeds are sufficient enough for our day-to-day work tasks, including video calls and live streaming. 


Monthly Local Excursions

1 day/month

Each month The Remote Experience formally hosts at least one local excursion for the group. Throughout the month you can find yourself at adventure-filled trips including camping trips, jungle trekking, volcano hiking, white water rafting, city hopping, etc. 


Team & Skill Building

In addition to our local excursions, we also host a minimum of 1 team building event per month. Join us for our show and tells, digital nomad meetups, mastermind sessions, workshops, and more. 


Event and Trip Planning

We've been around the block a few times. We help you coordinate professional, cultural, and social events and trips each month. Examples: weekend catamaran trips, island hopping, pottery making, meet ups, etc.