Corporate Program

The Remote Experience: Corporate is designed to bring teams together, facilitate effective communication, and foster friendships. When teams travel together, they become more than just co-workers. They become friends and travel mates that share a bond that is difficult to form in a typical office environment.

While you concentrate on your business, we'll focus on what we do best - coordinating experiences that make your employees know that they work for a company that cares about their wants and needs. Because, businesses thrive on motivated, satisfied, and empowered teams.


Rethink your perks

More than half (57%) of all workers say perks and benefits are among the top things they consider when deciding whether to accept a job, and almost 80% of employees say they would prefer new benefits.” 
Business Insider

Program benefits

  • Roundtrip flights to and from the states
  • Private accommodation
  • 24/7 access to Wi-Fi
  • Office space
  • Local ambassador
  • Travel and medical insurance
  • Airport transfer
  • Monthly excursion
  • Personalized team-building and growth events 
  • Flexible dates and durations

Employee benefits should no longer be limited to free coffee and a gym membership. Especially in today's competitive hiring market, employers need to stand out by offering their employees fulfilling experiences, either as a hiring incentives or retention perks. With The Remote Experience: Corporate, you can take your team to destinations such as Bali, Prague, or Mexico City. 

Let us help you redefine the future of work.