Does The Remote Experience provide jobs?

No, we do not. Each member joins the program with their own job that allows them to work remotely.

Can I still apply if I do not have a remote job?

If you are in the process of securing a remote job, are inquiring within your current company, or working on a remote project, this is fine with us! 

Visas and Passports

What are the visa requirements for this program?

Visa requirements are entirely dependent on your country of citizenship. A useful resource for determining your Visa requirements is

During the application process, we ask that you inform us of your country of citizenship so that we can personally discuss any Visa requirements with you if you get accepted.

What are the passport requirements for each country?

You must have a passport valid for six months after the last country on your itinerary. 

Does The Remote Experience cover the costs of visa(s)?

Many of our participants come from different countries and have different needs when they arrive (such as wanting a multiple-entry visa so that they can travel during the program). Since the visas are not consistent among all participants, we ask that each participant covers the cost of their own visa(s).

The exception to this is all-inclusive participants joining us in Southeast Asia. We will cover the visa extension fees associated with extending your stay in Indonesia and Thailand. 


What is the price if I join just one month?

Europe: $2,000
Southeast Asia: $2,000
Latin America: $2,000

Is it cheaper if I travel with a friend?

If you and your friend both share a room for the duration of the trip, you are both eligible for a discount.  By sharing a room, you can each get $250 off the monthly cost of the program. You cannot combine this discount with any other discount. If you would like to share a room, please be sure to indicate this in the "Additional Information" section of the application.

How it Works

What's included in the month-to-month plan?

  • Office space with reliable wifi
  • Accommodation
  • Events 
  • Local Ambassador
  • Trips and excursions

Can I join more than one segment?

Definitely! If you decide to join us for a few months of one segment and a few months of another segment, you'll just pay the month to month prices reflective of each location.

Can I go off and explore by myself? Or, do I have to stay with the group?

The Remote Experience is here to foster a sense of community. However, if there are times that you want to take a few excursions by yourself, please do so! Our participants take side-trips together or alone quite frequently.

When are payments due?

For the month-to-month plan, your first month is due within 15 days of your acceptance email.