The Remote Work & Travel Program


Pack up your 9 to 5.
Your new office is waiting for you.


Each month we select a group of professionals and entrepreneurs with remote jobs to join us as we travel and work remotely across the world. Our community is just like you - intelligent, creative, keen for adventure, and hardworking. Together, we work, play, & live in a new city each month.




Where do you want your work to take you?

I’m really cherishing this time with my new remote co-workers who come from all different places and backgrounds. Each conversation is an opportunity to learn something new.
— Jillian Ricciardelli, IBM, Europe 2016
I love how TRE is redefining the normal and mundane work experience. To be able to work full-time and travel full-time is just awesome.
— Xan Marshall, Self Employed, Europe 2016
The Remote Experience is an awesome company to travel with! The founders Derar and Michelle truly care about each member of our “remote family” and do everything possible to make sure we are able to work, play and have an enjoyable experience. I am so glad we made the decision to travel with them.
— Lauren Kilisky, Life Coach, Southeast Asia 2017

I’m so happy I made the choice to travel with the Remote Experience! In the past few months this group has become family. Michelle and Derar are extremely helpful and put a lot of care into their selection process. They go out of their way to make sure we get the most out of every month and there is a sense of accountability having them alongside us. I feel safe, cared for, and generally stress free traveling with these guys - really can’t recommend enough!
— Rachel Pekarek, Software Developer, Southeast Asia 2017

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