Xan Marshall

I want to learn to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment more. I think just being a part of TRE is a step in the right direction.

What motivated you to join TRE?

I wanted to join TRE because I was unhappy with my work life. Prior to TRE, I was doing some pretty unfulfilling work and it really takes a toll on you after a while. The pay was okay, the hours were okay, but I dreaded a lot of my time there unfortunately. One day, one of my sisters sent me an Instagram post of TRE and said "look into this. You're the only person I know crazy enough to drop everything and do it!" And boy was she right! I tried to travel similarly on my own last year but it was more difficult than expected trying to come up with an itinerary, book lodging for months, find flights, etc. TRE takes care of all of that, all you do is show up and enjoy the ride. I love how TRE is redefining the normal and mundane work experience. To be able to work full-time and travel full-time is just awesome. The fact that my "work" will sometimes occur beachside or in a cute coffee shop in Spain--well that's just a total bonus. 

Did you work remotely prior to joining TRE? 

Nope, I haven't yet worked remotely besides the occasional once or twice during snow storms. It'll be an adjustment but a welcomed one. 

How did you (will you) alter your tasks to accommodate a remote lifestyle? 

I'll just start by saying I'm a pretty Type A person. I'm super organized and conscientious and I love a little to-do list! I'm an early riser so I plan to probably start my days around 6 or 7AM, and work straight through so that I have the late afternoon and evening to frolic about.

What do you expect to be the biggest hurdle during your trip? 

Well, I'm a huge family person. Huge. My oldest sister has twin boys that recently turned two and they're growing and changing so much every day. I'll miss them terribly but this is the opportunity of a lifetime AND we live in 2016 where there's FaceTime  and Skype and a whole host of other apps where I can still see them weekly. I think that and missing events of family and friends (weddings, birthdays, etc) will probably be hardest for me. 

Where were you based out of prior to starting this trip?

I have been living in Maryland and working in DC for about a year. Prior to that, I lived in NYC for five years.

Biggest thing you hope to learn?

I want to learn to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment more. I think just being a part of TRE is a step in the right direction. At some point, we all come to a crossroads where we have to decide whether to stick to what we're doing or follow our heart and do what makes us happy. That's precisely what I'm doing. I hope to be more appreciative, more humble, and more of a global citizen. I just want to be a better version of myself by the end of this experience! 

Country you are most excited to visit?

Czech Republic

Food you’ll miss the most from back home?

I won't so much miss a particular food as much as I'll miss an appliance. I love my Nutri Bullet that I use to make my green juices. As for a particular food item, anything I eat, I can either find it or make it anywhere! 

Top three travel essentials?

A good book, my journal, my iPhone

Michelle Lawson

I quit my day job to lead a group of remote workers around the world.