I’m really cherishing this time with my new remote co-workers who come from all different places and backgrounds. Each conversation is an opportunity to learn something new.
— Jillian Ricciardelli, IBM, Europe 2016
I love how TRE is redefining the normal and mundane work experience. To be able to work full-time and travel full-time is just awesome.
— Xan Marshall, Self Employed, Europe 2016
I also love the idea of staying in each country for a full month, in apartments in less touristy areas, so I can immerse myself in the culture and feel at home rather than feel like a visitor.
— Kristine Solomon, AOL/Yahoo Beauty, Europe 2016
Even though I do enjoy the travel planning process, it’s nice to just show up and have an apartment and coworking space ready and waiting for me in a new city each month
— Catherine Gruntman, Freelancer, Europe 2016

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