Santiago, chile


February 1 - March 1, 2018


If you ask any Chilean, they'll tell you that they have the best wine in all of South America. We think you should be the judge of that. When you're not sipping on wine, take a side trip to the infamous Cajon del Maipo - home to skyscraper glaciers and natural hot springs surrounded by snow. Or, rent a car and drive over to the coast to see the colorful city of Valparaiso, known for their hilly roads and their perfect beach to watch a Chilean sunset. Spend your weekdays in the city checking out your local neighborhood, Bellavista.

Situated in the center of Bellavista, our apartments are all within 5-10 minutes walking distance from each other. You'll have a private bedroom in an apartment that is central to shops, restaurants, ATMS, the office, and nightlife.  


Who's going?


You will be joined by 10-18 other remote workers, professionals, and entrepreneurs from small, large, freelance, and startup companies. 

Our group is made up of males and females with an average age range between 26-33.

Where are we working? 


Full-time membership at Edge Coworking, which is home to a conference room for 6 people in addition to two private cabins for calling, conferences or one-on-one meetings, with unlimited use.

With Smart Access Control, you'll be able to work 24/7. Store your bags with ease while you're out for lunch with their locker system. 

What's Included?


Travel and Medical Insurance

We've been on the road long enough to know what you're looking for - an extensive medical and travel insurance plan that covers everything. We're talking lost baggage, flight interruptions, and extreme sport injuries. That's why each of our XPs are covered by the best insurance we could find from the day they start traveling with us until the day they return home.



Your new home is a fully-furnished apartment or villa in your select city. It comes equipped with WiFi and all the necessities to make you feel at home away from home. Don't worry about sharing a room with a stranger, as you'll always have your own private bedroom. You’ll enjoy common living spaces with other XPs who share your interests in travel and meeting new people.


Local Ambassador

We hire a local ambassador in each city to be our go-to resource for all things local. They are bilingual at a minimum and understand the social and cultural norms. They're there to help us navigate the city, learn insider knowledge, and guide us to the best daytime activities and nightlife. 


Office Space

Why should anyone sacrifice their career to take the trip of a lifetime? We don't think anyone should. That's why every XP receives a full-time membership plan to a co-working office in each city. Late nights? Early mornings? You'll have reliable WiFi at the co-working space. Before arriving in each city, we ensure that speeds are sufficient for our day-to-day work tasks, including video calls and live streaming. Some co-working spaces even host professional workshops and social events you’ll have access to. 


Local Excursions & Hangouts

Each month, The Remote Experience hosts at least two days’ worth of local excursions for the XPs. We’ll organize adventures like camping trips, jungle trekking, volcano hiking, whitewater rafting, and city hopping. And almost every day and night, some XPs meet up for more casual get-togethers at local bars, beaches, shopping trips, and hangouts at our apartments.


Team & Skill Building

In addition to our local excursions, we also host a minimum of one team-building event each month. Join us for our show-and-tells, digital nomad meetups, mastermind sessions, workshops, and more. 

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Cultural Tour

Within the first few days of arriving in a new city, we'll coordinate a walking or biking tour of your neighborhood and the surrounding area. Get a feel for the landmarks around your new home and understand the cultural norms of the locals living beside you. We also share with you a Google Map pinned with key locations like our favorite restaurants, shops, cultural destinations, and pharmacies, so you’ll know the local hotspots as soon as you arrive.    


Event and Trip Planning

While you’re traveling with The Remote Experience, we’re happy to help you coordinate professional, cultural, and social events and trips. Want to book a catamaran for the weekend, find a pottery or yoga studio, go island hopping, or take a local cooking class? Just ask. We may even join you.