Whether you're looking for a workout partner, a fresh mind to brainstorm with, or someone to enjoy an evening cocktail with - you'll find that in our group. Our network is made up of males and females from across the world. We're represented by Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. 

By the end of the trip your personal and professional network will be expanded across the globe.



Your new home is a fully-furnished apartment or villa in your select city. It comes equipped with WiFi and all the necessities to make you feel home away from home. Don't worry about sharing a room with a stranger, as you'll always have your own private bedroom and will only ever be living with 1, 2, or 3 other participants (all in their own private quarters).

Office Space

Why should anyone sacrifice their career to take a trip of a lifetime? We don't think anyone should. That's why each of our participants receives an unlimited membership plan to a co-working office in each city. Late nights? Early mornings? You'll be able to access reliable WiFi no matter the time of day. Before arriving in each city we make sure that the speeds are sufficient enough for our day-to-day work tasks, including video calls and live streaming. 


Welcome dinner? Check. Monthly kick-ass excursions? Check. Mastermind sessions with other remote workers? Check. Social events with new friends? Check. Experiences that can't be recreated at home? Check.

Each month The Remote Experience formally hosts at least two events for the group. Throughout the month you can find yourself at adventure-filled excursions, intellectually charged creative meet-ups, social hours with the coworking office, or unique gastronomic experiences.


We've been on the road long enough that we know what you're looking for - an extensive medical and travel insurance plan that covers everything. We're talking lost baggage, flight interruptions, extreme sport injuries. We understand. That's why each of our participants are covered by the best insurance we could find from the day they start traveling with us until the day they return home.

Local Ambassador

Imagine moving to a city not knowing a single soul, not understanding the language, and unsure of cultural norms. Doesn't it sound scary?

We hire a local ambassador in each city to be our go-to resource for all things local. They speak the local language, understand the social and cultural norms, and help us find the best deals when we're all looking for a fun side trip! 


With our all-inclusive program, you have the benefit of having all your flights booked and organized for you. This includes:

  • Flight from JFK, BOS, MIA, or LAX to the start location - depending on program selected.
  • All flights between itinerary destinations on a 4-month segment
  • Flight from the last location to JFK, BOS, MIA, or LAX - depending on program selected.

Not in the states? No problem! Ask us about our travel credit that can be applied to your downpayment.